Ankündigung der Premiere im Katalog der Hamburger Filmschau am 30.5.73 im Abaton Hamburg:

Die Geburt der Nation
("The Birth of a Nation")

von Klaus Wyborny
mit Christoph Hemmerling, Angelika Düsing, Peter Flak, Hannes Hatje, Nick Busch
Produktion: Gobsek-Film Hamburg
70 Min 16mm Magnetton

Das Naturtheater von Oklahoma aus Klaus Wybornys "Die Geburt der Nation (The Birth of a Nation)"

"Since Kafka did not know America save from literary accounts, he visualizes it much as a spectator might, as a sort of "theatre"; consequently, the device of the "Nature Theatre of Oklahoma", an actual theatrical project, which finally absorbs Karls as one of its emplyees, acquires an inevitability of its own. It is the metaphoric figure for all America as visually anticipated by those naive ones still seperated from it by an ocean: the Land of Opportunity as a stage setting presided over by "female" angels raised high above the ground."

- Parker Tyler

Als Vorfilm läuft D.W.Grifith's "A Beast at Bay" (mit Mary Pickford - USA - 1911 - 10 Min - stumm